"Acts without Effort ~ The Societal Architecture of Hsieh Ying Chun", sharing of value and concept (Section 1)
Single Line Drawing: An efficient algorithm for communication and design that defines the functional relationshipof real world with abstract lines.
Learning from the traditional Chinese timber builders: At the time, when industrial straight-cut limber were not available, the traditional builders define a virtual central line by inking both ends of the crooked wooden logs. Based on recognizing these virtual lines, they then build and assemble houses.
Application of the Single Line: The concept of single line drawing and its application can be found throughout the history of construction. For constructing a traditional Chinese timber house, artisans communicated with a few drawn lines, phrases that define these lines and pithy slangs to communicate among wood workers and clients. In the modern times, structural analysis are also done based on simplified lines with necessary inform.
Medium of the variables: In Reinforced Light-Gauge Steel Framing System, a line can simultaneously represents a variety of variables and definitions which can transform according to different application purposes. From adjustment to the designated dimensions, building forms, specification of the steel member for manufacture and cost control during the production and construction...etc, are all working under the framework of single line drawing.
Basic and compatible language: In relation to current overly-complex and detailed construction drawings have the capacity to facilitate communication across a wide range of different disciplines, communities and industries. With a more generally recognizable and applicable language used by a wide range of groups, process and experience in construction and design can then be integrated and accumulated more systematically and cooperatively across generations.
"Acts without Effort ~ The Societal Architecture of Hsieh Ying Chun", sharing of value and concept (Section 2)
Digital Revolution: A shift in industries from mechanic technology to electronic and digital technology, with the widespread of computer and digital information.
Mathematic Foundation: Greek mathematician Pythagoras considered mathematic as a way to explain everything on earth. Through thousands of years of technological development, the abstract mathematic language and revolution. Digital revolution continually flourish when development of computers, PCs and micro-processors took the efficiency of computation to another level. At the same time, with the advancement of communication technology such as the internet and wireless communication are continuously changing our history to the present day.
精准运算的语言:在电脑普及下,传统建筑行业内倚靠手工绘制图说,劳力密集且费时的工作,在搭配CAD电脑辅助设计(Computer Aided Design)二维制图工具后,降低建筑生产过程中所耗费的沟通成本与误差,并开启生产流程在自动化作业环境下的可能性。现行房屋工业体系内,数码化的应用仍仅止于图面绘制工具的效率提升、非量化高成本的建筑材料生产与建筑环境控制模拟计算等具体案例。在整合整体产业发展的前提下,少有相较于其他产业所能扩及的范围与有效量化的系统。
Precisionand Computation in language: With the popularization of personal computers, CAD(Computer Aided Design) replaced what used to be labor-intensive and time consuming architecture drafting and reduced the cost for error or communication. This advancement opens up the possibility of automatic production in the manufacturing of many different industries.However in the current housing industry, the application of digitalization mainly concentrates on the advancement of efficiency in drafting, material productionfor customized design at all cost and building environment modeling andcomputing...etc. Under the premise trying to systematically integrate the entire housing industry, few systems in architecture have the same capacity interms of scope and mass as systems in other industries.
Digitalized single line drawing: Based upon digitalized working environment in Reinforced Light-Gauge Steel Framing System, typical construction drawings can be transformed as algorithm that can be computed and communicate more easily. Unlike construction drawings that are mainly representational for the purpose of communication among house builders, R.L.S.F overcomes the challenge of precision control when drawings transfer to the actual material specification and connection type of a steel member, but it can also be used for design development, structural analysis, material detailing, quantity calculation and budget control in many phases of design and construction process, parallel and precise.
In 2016, Hsieh demonstrate how to layout and assemble timber frame with single line design to the community of Aavaranta refugee settlement of Finland